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This articles come from The Five Steps to Building a Successful Business course. This course is the product of working with small businesses for twenty-plus years and asking a simple question: Why do certain businesses succeed while so many struggle and ultimately fail? The Five Steps to Building a Successful Business will teach you how to successfully start and grow a business, or turn a struggling enterprise around. Check out more articles from the Five Steps series.

Ready to take the leap and go into business for yourself? Easy there big fella. Let's check and see if your business can support itself (and your family).

In the above video, we show you how to use the unit pricing section of our spreadsheet to determine how much you need to charge for your business to break even.

Download our Small Business Breakeven spreadsheet and run the numbers for yourself.

Have a service based business that charges by the hour? Check out our hourly pricing version.

All courses and articles are for informational purposes only and do not constitute tax advice. Taxes are complicated - do not act on course information without consulting a professional. Always refer to treasury regulation before making any tax decision. Read the full disclaimer.

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