New Course! Learn to correct depreciation errors using Form 3115
If you are a member or director of an HOA visiting this website you are probably hoping to answer the most common questions we receive from homeowner associations: “Does my HOA need to file a tax return?” The answer to this questions is: YES! All Homeowners Associations must file a tax return each and every year. Save your HOA hundreds of dollars per year. Learn to file form 1120-H!

The vast majority of HOAs can file Form 1120-H. Those who most easily qualify to use form 1120-H are HOA’s that function solely to collect member dues and assessments and use these dues and assessments to manage and maintain HOA property. Many of these HOAs will also earn some interest income each year on savings or certificates of deposits – funds set aside to repair and replace HOA property.

To Take the Course 1120-H Your HOA Must Meet the Following Criteria:

  • Your HOA’s only income comes from:
  • Dues and assessments from members who own residential property in your HOA,
  • Interest on savings set aside for repair and replacement of HOA property (you can still take the course if your HOA has no interest income), and
  • The amount of interest earned, if any, is small relative to dues and assessments received from members (equal to less than 10% of dues and assessments collected).
  • All of your HOAs expenses/funds are used to: Manage and maintain HOA Property, Repair and Replace HOA property (such as HOA owned roads)

If this sounds like your HOA, preparing Form 1120-H is relatively simple. So simple, in fact, that we have developed this course to help HOAs like yours prepare your own Form 1120-H.

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