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Are you thinking of starting a business but are discouraged by the fact that most go under within a few short years of opening? Don’t Worry! Many owners achieve resounding success – And you can too! Do you own a business that hasn’t achieved its potential? Are you working every day, harder and longer than anyone you know, but barely making ends meet? Is paying your bills a week-to-week and month-to-month struggle?

There’s Good News! You can transform your business!

The Five Steps to Building a Successful Business is the product of 20+ years of working with small businesses and asking three simple questions:

  • Why do so many businesses fail?
  • Why do so many businesses that survive struggle to make ends meet? And
  • Why do so few achieve meaningful and lasting success?

In short, what makes a successful business different from one that struggles or fails?  Surprisingly, the answers I found have very little to do with the business itself – it’s product, location, size, or funding – and nearly everything to do with the owner.

Successful business owners share five common traits. The owners of businesses that struggle or fail lack one or more of these traits.

Successful owners are not born; they get taught.  The five traits are skills acquired from experience and intuition.  You can learn these skills!  And we teach them in The Five Steps to Building a Successful Business.

Actionable information you can apply immediately.

We teach The Five Steps to Building a Successful Business in 24 lessons spanning five hours.  This course will help the following individuals maximize their business potential:

  • Those planning to open a business
  • Current business owners
  • Business incubators
  • College students & business departments
  • Vocational & Trade Schools
  • Craft & Trade Associations
  • Anyone interested in business!

What skills do The Five Steps to Building a Successful Business Teach?

  1. The Business of Business - Successful Owners understand that owning a business is a career entirely different than the product or service they sell.  Like any career, the Business of Business has unique challenges and success definition.
  2. The Customer Experience – Customers have many choices to satisfy the same need or want as your business.  They choose one option to the exclusion of all others for a reason.  This reason? The Customer Experience.  Successful owners know exactly who their customers are.  And they construct their business’s experience around these individuals.
  3. Make a Profit – Sure, all businesses need to generate a profit.  What makes successful owners different is that they understand the type of profit that matters and how to make it, measure it, and maximize it.
  4. Manage Systems, Lead People – All businesses have systems. Unfortunately, most are unintentional extensions of habit. What makes successful owners different is their ability to build efficient & effective systems around crucial business functions.
  5. Own a Business (not a JOB) – Successful owners know that only a business can grow beyond them; a JOB cannot.  Success requires working on their business, not just in it.

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