Realtor, do you know what your largest annual expense is? It's not signs or marketing materials. It's not the amount you spend traveling around showing listings. As a realtor, your greatest expense will be the amount of taxes you owe annually! We have created this library to help you reduce your taxes!

All commission-earning realtors have something in common – the U.S. Tax Code considers each of you a Statutory Nonemployee. What does this mean? It means that realtors paid by commission can be treated as independent contractors by their brokers. If that's you, congratulations! You’re a business owner!

Being in business has many opportunities and an equal number of challenges. Like any ambitious business owner, you invest a great deal of time and energy creating and mastering opportunities: honing sales skills, working networks, and building your brand. But, how much have you invested in meeting a major challenge all successful Realtors face: Cutting your most significant expense – Taxes! What are you doing to keep the income you work so hard to earn?

How much do Realtors spend on taxes? Every $100 of sales commission not offset by legitimate deductions costs the average realtor $22 in federal income tax and $15 in self-employment tax. That’s $37 per $100, or 37%! And it gets worse. If you live in a state that has an income tax, they also get a cut. Depending on the state you live in, every $100 will cost you another $3 and $13 in state tax! Add federal and state tax together, and you’re giving between 40% and 50% of every $100 you earn to the government! That’s real money! Money to grow your business, pay-down your mortgage, fund your retirement, even take a well-deserved vacation!

Every $100 of sales commission not offset by legitimate deductions costs the average realtor $22 in federal income tax and $15 in self-employment tax. That’s $37 per $100, or 37%!

Let’s Cut Those Taxes! Taxed enough already? Start working for yourself and your family, not the IRS! That’s why we created the Realtor: Comprehensive Tax Cut library: TO CUT your largest expense: Income Tax!

Our Realtor: Comprehensive Tax Cut library is an INVESTMENT that teaches everything you need to understand about the taxation of your business. The library is a searchable video training course that covers every possible deduction common to realtors, breaking down complex tax principles so you keep more of your hard-earned income. It’s also tax deductible! As soon as it finds you $375 in deductions, the tax savings makes it FREE!

The Realtor: Comprehensive Tax Cut library is an absolute necessity for realtors who self-prepare their returns and a great investment for those who outsource tax preparation. It’s also the perfect training tool and comprehensive reference for tax professionals who work with realtors.

Here’s a quick overview of what's included in the Realtor: Comprehensive Tax Cut Library:

  • Over EIGHT HOURS of video-based training covering everything you need to know to cut your largest expense TAXES!
  • A reference library structured like a college course covering all deductions in the order they appear on Schedule C (the tax form self-employed realtors must file).  More importantly, it is a SEARCHABLE LIBRARY - allowing you to quickly find valuable how-to information on the deduction you are interested in.
  • Hobby vs. Business: Understanding the difference. Making sure you are legitimately in business and not just “dabbling” to keep your license active. There’s a big difference in the tax code.
  • Bookkeeping: Simple yet efficient and effective techniques that make the best use of your time (SELLING REAL ESTATE) while ensuring you never miss a single deduction.
  • Recordkeeping: audit-proofing every deduction you take so you have what you need to substantiate your deduction should the IRS come knocking.
  • A line-by-line explanation of EVERY deduction on Schedule C, Profit, and Loss from Business, as they apply to realtors.
  • Special emphasis on the following deductions common to realtors: AUTO & HOME OFFICE (160+ Minutes), BUSINESS MEALS (30+ Minutes), BUSINESS TRAVEL (53+ minutes).

Agent Edition license is good for unlimited access for one user.

All courses and articles are for informational purposes only and do not constitute tax advice. Taxes are complicated - do not act on course information without consulting a professional. Always refer to treasury regulation before making any tax decision. Read the full disclaimer.

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