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What's better than a vacation? How about getting a 30% to 40% discount on a vacation! As a real estate agent, you spend a lot of traveling to make sales, get listings and learning about the technical art of selling real estate. Overnight travel is a part of the business for many agents. It is also tax-deductible. Conferences and seminars are also deductible and, when properly planned, can even make a substantial portion of a business-based vacation deductible. In this course, you will learn to maximize the deduction-power of your business travel! Every $1,000 deduction can save $300 to $400 in tax!

Twenty-plus years of preparing tax returns for real estate agents has revealed that most agents don't maximize the deductions available for their business travel.

Why? There are two primary reasons:

  1. The real estate agent fails to structure business-related travel, so it qualifies for a deduction, or
  2. The real estate agent fails to keep adequate records to prove that a deductible business trip was a legitimate deduction. 

Business travel and even the cost of some vacations are legitimate tax deductions.  Such deductions, however, are commonly questioned by the IRS and are often denied for one of the two reasons listed above.  What’s worse?  Many real estate agents forgo this valuable deduction because they don’t understand the rules & fear IRS scrutiny.  Ridiculous!

This is what makes the Real Estate Agent: Travel Deduction course such a valuable asset.  It will help you to plan your business-related travel and cut your most substantial expense: TAXES!   It will also help you substantiate and audit-proof your deduction.

We want you to keep more of your hard earned money in YOUR pocket, and there’s only one way to do that: Maximizing Legitimate Tax Deductions.

Our Real Estate Agent: Travel Deduction course is designed to help you maximize this valuable deduction.  You will learn how to structure your business travel to ensure it is deductible and audit-proof.

Maximize the value of your business trip deduction and even make some vacations tax deductible!   For middle-class real estate agents, every $1,000 in deductions equals $300 to $400 in tax savings!   Put more money in your pocket with Overnight Accountant’s Real Estate Agent: Travel Deduction course!


  • This course does not cover foreign travel.
  • Please disregard any references to entertainment. The entertainment deduction was eliminated by the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017.
  • Business meals with others and local business meals are taught in our Real Estate Agent, Meals Deduction Course.

All courses and articles are for informational purposes only and do not constitute tax advice. Taxes are complicated - do not act on course information without consulting a professional. Always refer to treasury regulation before making any tax decision. Read the full disclaimer.

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