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Confused by the tax reform debate? Wonder if proposed Republican tax cuts will help the middle class? Will cutting taxes spur economic growth? Don’t know who to believe when it comes to tax cuts and the national debt?

We can’t help you answer all of these questions in a single video. But, we can show you how cuts in individual tax rates will impact tax collections. We can also illustrate how much the economy will have to grow to pay for the tax cut you want.

Is the economy healthy enough for a tax cut?  How much will the economy (GDP) have to grow to pay for a giant corporate tax cut? Can a tax cut spur enough growth to create even more tax revenues? Now, those are some questions this video (and spreadsheet) can help you answer!

In this video, we show you how to use the GDP Breakeven Analysis for Reduction in Tax Rates spreadsheet that we created to help you run tax cut scenarios as Lord of the Economy. Download the spreadsheet and start playing around.

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